The Fall of Titanic – A Lesson for Business Execution

It was 100 years exactly on May 5, 2012 when the famous RMS Titanic Vessel sank while on its maiden voyage to America. To many people, it was an ordeal remembered today, only for the 1,517 lives that were lost in the tragedy.

But from business point of view, there are many lessons for business leaders to learn, as we all know that an ocean liner is a floating business, and a discipline of execution of strategies can make a huge impact in the results we produce. The Titanic experience is similar to a modern day business in very many respects; for example…

It cost $7.5 million to build; that would be an estimated $400 million in today’s value. The Construction of the ship took three years to complete, and on completion, RMS Titanic measured 882ft.9ins (about 269 meters) long. It was 92ft.6ins (approx. 28 meters) wide, and 175ft (53 meters) high. The investment in RMS Titanic was massive and met the expectation of a long-term focused investor of our time.

What one lesson can businesses learn from the Titanic experience especially with respect to strategy and execution?

Maintain a Crystal Clear Vision

When the Titanic was built, it was believed to be “Unsinkable” because of the sixteen watertight compartments that were masterfully made. Unfortunately as the ship hit iceberg, six of the “watertight” compartments were badly damaged to the extent that its water resistance capability was exposed, and the ship began to sink.

Similar to business execution, nothing should be taken for granted for any reason. As the crew of your business or organization, if your vision of where your organization is going is not clearly defined, you may run the risk of striking the “iceberg,” and your ship might sink.

Maintaining a vivid vision in business, and a discipline of execution cannot be compromised, as it serves as the compass that determines where you’re taking your organization. A crystal clear vision is the compelling picture of the result you and everyone in your organization are trying to create together, not only for your customers, but the entire stakeholders. To succeed at this, you must develop commitment to simple strategy and execution culture.

It’s the reason that wakes you up every morning to go to work; the produce, service, value, and impact you want to create or make to your whole world.

Your vision doesn’t have to be a prize-winning masterpiece. It simply has to be a thing that everyone understands and is passionately excited to pursue.

For your vision to be effectively accomplished you must over-communicate it. This is where many leaders fail; they make it look good on paper, but do nothing in telling the world what it is, and how it guides them to serve them.

The image that was painted of the Titanic was that of a masterpiece built to weather the storm. This is the same type of promotion many businesses make about their organizations. But in order to maintain a crystal clear vision, business execution leaders should never think of themselves as being invulnerable.

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Business Executive Jobs You Can Find

Guess what? You can get one of those business executive positions – and did you know millions of people have done it? As well, there are many others who were not as successful, and who ended up in a dead-end job or getting laid off, but it was only because they didn’t use their resources wisely.

Did you know there are companies actually looking for new employees – people like yourself who are open-minded and ready to make a change? Did you also know that it’s always a lot easier to get in the door once it has been opened?

Getting the job you want requires some steps in marketing yourself and networking. An executive job landing can be this easy, and you can find yourself in a lucrative position, all because you took the time to plan. It will not take much effort for you to gravitate towards an executive high-paying job.

Step 1: Market Yourself

When it comes to a job search, you always need to know yourself and your accomplishments. What do you do well? How often have you accomplished great tasks in your career? How were you rewarded in the past for your efforts? What departments or divisions did you begin? Knowing the answers to these questions is essential to show your skills at being at the forefront of running a business. The best way to charter your career is to know the strength of your abilities.

Step 2: Network

Think of networking as your conscientious effort to put together your own fan club. Who is willing to invest in you and your executive-level plan? How can you convince others of the benefit to being a part of your network? Putting together your network may also require you to join forces with a professional agency specialized in business executive positions.

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Engraved Gift Ideas For Business Executives

Business executives are the ones who ensure that goals and objectives of the company are met. They are often compensated with higher and prestige salary, because they are being put in much harder work that usually takes lots of their time. They are also given gifts for the hard work and dedication they contributed to the company or organization. Some of the gifts that are given to these people are engraved, which makes the gift more thoughtful and personal.

If you are looking for a nice gift for an executive in your company, one of many choices is a business card holder that you can engraved with your recipient’s name, monograms, or single initial. A business card holder is one of the most needed things that an executive should own. These help keep business cards neat and clean, making them look presentable when executives are conducting business. A good choice of business card holder can also make a good impression to clients. They can come very handy, which complement an executive’s sophisticated look.

Business card holders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can surprise an executive in your company with an engraved one that has his name, or initials, title, company name or logo. You can even include other special wording such as his favorite motto or quote by engraving it onto the holder. Some put their business card holder on their desk, ready to open to give business cards to their prospective clients.

Another engraved gift that you may offer to an executive is a travel accessory that he/she can use for business trips. Part of the busy schedule of an executive is to travel out of town to conduct business affair and other company appointments, including seminars and conventions. Thus, an engraved travel present makes an ideal gift for a recipient on the go. Among the choices you may consider are backpacks, portfolios, passport holders, or luggage tags with his/her engraved name or initials. Making these items personalized is actually helpful when luggage are mixed up, or if someone picks up your recipient’s luggage by mistake. Other engraved travel gift ideas that you can provide to an executive is an iPod or cellphone case engraved with his/her name or other contact information.

If you are looking for classy executive gifts to engrave, consider crystal items that your recipient can proudly display on his/her desk or maybe at home. These could be crystal plaques, picture frames, desk clocks, pen holders, paperweights, or etc. Crystal gifts can also be engraved with names or initials to make them personalized.

With so many stores that offer various business-related gifts, it can be a bit challenging to find unique gifts for executives. Thus, one ideal recommendation for you is to purchase online, where you can have your choice become personalized, making it unique to your recipient. There are also other more unique ideas for various business associates, such as personalized retirement gifts, employee gifts and clients gifts. These are usually given during different occasions, including holiday and company anniversary.

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Strategies for Successful Agile Business Execution

The crux of all strategies is successful execution. Many managers are quick and proficient at planning, but unfortunately fail when it comes down to implementing the strategy. Successful ABE (Agile Business Execution) is built upon two factors.
· Quick information flow
· Comprehending decisions right away

Agile business execution promotes decision sustaining information and gives team member the autonomy, which drives brilliance in execution.

ABE is an advancement of successful management strategies. It promotes communication, results, teamwork and responsiveness making use of conventional tools of management. It offers a holistic approach to establishing strategy, plans, results and employees. You could do all this with ABE:
- Rehash management for the broader perspective
- Develop equality of information
- Enlarge the scale of employee autonomy

It has been observed that almost 90 percent of the devised strategies fail badly due to poor execution. As a matter of fact, plans always fail when they lack confident, quick and attainable execution. The failure of execution also originates due to various other factors, such as unclear accountability, lack of communication, vaguely defined duties and responsibilities, lack of focus and inadequate monitoring.

Furthermore, when plans fail due to poor execution, many employees get discouraged and as a result the company incurs additional losses in the form of low productivity levels.

Today, a vast majority of business execution tactics are costly, complex and time consuming. Six Sigma is an excellent example of conventional execution methods.

In fact, all the Agile methods promote teamwork, results and collaboration. They process flexibility during the lifecycle of a project.

The key is to adapt the plan to simplify the information flow in an organization. This will lead to right decisions at the right time.

STARR is to agile business execution as SMART is to objective setting and strategic execution. STARR designates Share, Track, Analyze, Reevaluate and Repeat. It explains the repetitive procedure for successful execution using a basic, spontaneous framework to recognize the strategic execution and achieve brilliant results.

1. Share
Sharing the vision and establishing clear goals will assist in aligning the organization with its strategic plan.

2. Track
Numerical results are a major basis of decision support information.

3. Analyze
Regular analysis gives quick access to many critical decision support data and facilitates the stakeholders in acting autonomously.

4. Reevaluate
When supported by previous decision support data reevaluation, the goals of the business offer an effective change.

5. Repeat
Goals, plans and metrics might change but the systematic approach to successful execution must not.

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